Getting Rewarded for Turning in Escapees

When a judge lets an arrested individual out on bail, he or she does so with the stipulation this individual show back up to court for a trial or sentencing. The terms of the person’s bond demands this person stay in town and avoids jumping bail or not showing up to court.

However, sometimes newly freed individuals take it upon themselves to leave town and skip out on the terms of their bail. By turning them into a law enforcement officer, the police department, or bondsman scranton pa residents like you could receive a cash reward for your service to the community.

Discovering Who is Missing

When you want to do your part to keep your community safe, you might purposely keep an eye out for fugitives. You pay attention to the news to find out if anyone has escaped the jail. You also observe people’s behaviors and notice anything that looks out of the ordinary.

However, you can also find out who is missing and who is wanted by going online to the bail bond company’s website. The website gives a complete list of people who have jumped bail and are now wanted by law enforcement. The list can be accessed by clicking on the highlighted link.

Once you know what these people look like and what their names are, you can start looking for them in your own neighborhood. You can keep an eye out at the supermarket, at the local shopping mall, when you go to the gas station, and run other errands around town.

When you find someone who is wanted, you can then turn him or her into the bond company. You will receive a reward for locating a missing fugitive.

Bail bond companies rely on the public to help locate missing fugitives. Once they are located, these people can be arrested and taken back to jail. The people who find them are often rewarded monetarily. The list of wanted fugitives is updated and can be found online 24 hours a day. The contact information for the bail bond company is also online.