How to Help a Loved One Who Just Got Arrested

If someone who is close to you has recently been arrested, such as a spouse or a close friend, then you could be wondering if there is anything that you can do to help. Knowing that someone you care about is behind bars can be very upsetting, but you aren’t completely powerless in this situation. There are some things that you can do to help, including following the tips below.

Hire a Lawyer

If at all possible, it is a good idea to seek legal representation for your loved one. A good lawyer can help talk to your loved one about the charges that he or she is facing, can provide legal advice and can even sometimes help with things like a bond reduction. If you do choose to take this route, make sure that you choose the best lawyer that you can find and afford, since the expertise and knowledge of the attorney you hire does make a big difference.

Contact a Bail Bondsman

Next, it is a good idea to hire a bail bondsman to help your loved one get out of jail, if at all possible. Someone who helps with bail bonds Scranton PA can help you get your loved one out of jail, even if you don’t have the full amount of the bail to pay. Instead, you can just pay a fee to the bail bondsman — which is generally a percentage of the full amount of his or her bond — and the bondsman can get him or her out of jail for you. Contact a bail bondsman if you’d like to know a little more about what he or she does and how he or she can help your loved one.

Provide Support

Being in jail is a stressful and upsetting situation for pretty much anyone. Providing support in any way that you can, even if it’s just writing letters or visiting your loved one when you’re allowed to, can make a big difference.

As you can see, you don’t have to be completely powerless just because someone you care about is in jail. Instead, follow the tips above if you’d like to help as much as you can in this type of tough situation.