Requirements For Receiving An EB1C Work Visa

There are many types of visas that the United States government offers to foreigners. They range from temporary agricultural job permits to transferring to another position offered by your current employer in a different country than you currently are located. The latter type of visa is called the EB-1C visa, also known as the EB1C visa. In order to have a shot at receiving an EB1C work visa from the United States federal government, you’ll need to understand how to qualify for this work visa. Here are the most important requirements that must be met by employers and employees who plan on putting prospective employees’ EB1C visas to work.

You Must Have Put In A Substantial Amount Of Work At Your Current Place Of Work

To go through the process of being evaluated for an EB1C visa, you will have to possess at least one full year of work experience at the employer who wants to bring you to the United States in the three calendar years immediately prior to filing the petition for the EB1C visa.

You Can Only Seek Out Executive Or Managerial Positions

The United States only benefits from bringing in foreign employees who are good fits for executive or managerial jobs as opposed to entry-level jobs. You and your employer must agree that you will be placed in an executive or managerial role once you get to the United States.

Companies In The United States Must Be Appropriately Related To Foreign Businesses In Question

In order to welcome over foreign managers and executives, companies seeking out employees with EB1C work visas need to be the parent company of its foreign counterpart or one of them must be a branch, affiliate, or subsidiary of the other. The first thing you need to take care of in order to have a chance of being able to legally transfer from your current occupation to a position in another country within your current employer’s ranks is to understand the most basic eb1c requirements. Or, rather than assuming such responsibilities on your own, you could always seek help from our trained team of immigration experts at Toppins Law Firm.