Rise in Toronto Car Accidents

Toronto roads are tricky, especially during the winter. The streets tend to be unclear due to hailstorms and blizzards. During this period the occurrence of accidents is very high. There is a rise of 4% in crashes during the winter.

Car accidents can be traumatizing. They not only lead to physical damage but also emotional trauma which can take time to recover. 80% of people involved in fatal accidents take almost one year to recover from the shock.

Even though you drive carefully careless drivers will still be on the road. With the increase in the number of car owners in Toronto, the streets are congested, and accidents are prone to happen. The roads become difficult to maneuver especially when the weather is foggy.

On the occurrence of the accident and the other driver caused the accident you need compensation. Insurance companies are a bit harsh to issue compensation. Thus you need a lawyer to represent you legally. Toronto car Accident Attorney, Gary Mazin is the most reputable lawyer to serve you.

What you need representation on?

  • Establish that you did not cause the accident

An insurance company will not compensate if you were driving recklessly. Their compensation will only be acquired if you were keen on the road and the accident was not entirely your fault. The lawyer needs to lay facts and convince the insurance company that you are not at fault. Your claims need to be supported by evidence that the other driver was careless and did not adhere to the rules.

  • Establish the extent of your damage

Damage can either be physical or emotional damage. The insurance company depending on the insurance cover you have taken may compensate both. However, if you had only insured your car you will be paid for the value of your vehicle.

The reckless driver who caused the accidents is also liable to compensate you. He should pay for your hospital bills and other expenses. The guilty party might not be willing to compensate, and that is where you need a qualified lawyer to represent you.

  • Help you get compensated

The accident has been established to be the cause of the other driver, and you are on the clear. Besides, the extent of your damage has been determined. The insurance and the drunk driver ought to compensate you.

It is a lengthy procedure, and lack of a follow up may mean you don’t get compensated. The lawyer is your representation and keenly ensures that you get your compensation.

A qualified lawyer is a key to ensuring you get full compensation.

Bottom Line

Accidents are unavoidable. The damages they cause are massive. Ensure you are well prepared for them. With the increase in some cars and reckless and drunk drivers, you ought to be on the lookout.

Actual preparation involves taking an insurance cover and hiring a personal injury attorney. However, you only get compensated if your attorney establishes that you are not at fault.

The attorney only helps you establish the claims of your injuries and creates evidence in support of your applications. Drive carefully and follow the rules to be on the safe. In winter be extra careful.